Mindmanager free viewer

Any user is free to download the MindManager viewer application.

This is a standard Windows installer which is installed directly on the system.  The viewer will open any MindManager .mmap files in read-only status.  The viewers are capable of reading notes, utilizing hyperlinks, opening attachments and standard navigation of map files.  The viewers currently do not  perform other more advanced functions.  The standalone viewer version is based on MindManager 7 for Windows and MindManager 7 for Mac but can open files created in MindManager 9 or 8.  For a Mindmanager 9 or 8 version viewer, use the trial version of MindManager 9.  When the trial expires, it will still function as a read-only viewer.

MindManager 7 for Windows viewer

Mindjet MindManager 7—Windows—English (Build 7.1.394) Windows 26.3 MB Download EXE
Mindjet MindManager 7—Windows—German (Build 7.1.394) Windows 26.3 MB Download EXE

MindManager 7 for Mac viewer

Mindjet MindManager 7 for Mac (build 7.0.514) Mac   17.5 MB Download DMG

Mindjet Apps for iPhone and iPad

Get MindManager Mobile App for iPhoneGet MindManager Mobile App for iPad
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